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In her own words:    “After a long journey in the corporate world in the field of Human Resources and HORECA sales, I realized that the passion I had developed for quite some time for wine and coffee could not have just been a weekend apogee only!   Wine tasting became a personal custom and ritual, over time involving more and more visits to domestic and international wineries.  During the past few years I have been closely watching the amazing (r)evolution of Greek Wine and most recently, I began to combine my experience and knowledge in a great collaboration with Tsuyoshi Nagano of Nagano Global LLC, with whom I became acquainted 20 years ago in New York City and with whom I share an enthusiasm for wine and gastronomy.  Our common passion engendered a common mission: to convey dynamic Greek Wine Culture to the enlightened consumers of the Land of the Rising Sun.


My academic background includes studies on Economics at the University of Athens (BS) and HRM at London’s Metropolitan University (MS), and recently the WSET certifications on wine expertise.  Restless in spirit, communicative, and indulgent, I also remain a passionate aficionado of gourmet food and coffee, an avid traveler, and a partaker of all leisures and pleasures related to the above!  My travel destinations have included France, Italy, UK, Spain, Austria, Russia, Switzerland, Czech Republic, the Netherlands, California, New York, India, Morocco and of course all lands of Greece.”

embarked on an international career as an Early Music specialist. Travelling the world for over 15 years as a classical artist, he had the opportunity to encounter some of the world’s finest cultural heritages including art, customs, gastronomies – and values.  Eventually, he indulged his passion for the art of sushi by studying under celebrated sushi master Kawasumi in Tokyo and soon embarked on a new career as a contemporary sushi chef with roots in the rich tradition of the art of sushi, but with an inventive, imaginative twist.  Since then, his professional career has enjoyed remarkable success. He has been awarded and held the positions of executive chef and sushi chef at Greece’s most critically acclaimed restaurants such as Oozora, Nammos Mykonos, Matsuhisa Mykonos and GAKU.  Simultaneously, his entrepreneurial skills have been flourished through Nagano Global LLC, which he established in Tokyo in 2015 to engage in trade between his country of origin, Japan, and his adoptive land, Greece, in goods of the highest quality such as premium extra virgin olive oil and the unique wines of Greece, exquisite, handmade japanese knives – including his own original Sakai Tadasuke brand – and legendary Arita porcelain.

                        Tsuyoshi Go Nagano


Founder of Nagano Global LLC, acclaimed sushi chef, sake sommelier, and artist, combines his native rich Japanese heritage and culture with his acquired taste for the modern and “globally hip.”

Growing up in Tokyo, he was immersed in several of Japan’s cultural traditions: the high art of the tea ceremony; the intensely spiritual and beautiful “arrangement” of Japanese flora known as ikebana; and the creation of sushi.  In the beginning was .... Music. In the early 90s, Go Nagano moved to New York City to study music at the renowned Juilliard School, where he obtained his Masters’ degree and 

                      Maria Tzanidi

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