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                 What we do  

GREEK WINES ASIA represents an outstanding list of exceptional, intriguing and highly awarded wines of indigenous grapes pedigree from innovative wine makers dedicated to minimal intervention.


We pinpoint wineries that are relatively small and consequently must distinguish and differentiate themselves by demonstrating quality, innovation and a passion for excellence.  We select wines that are unexpected, palate stimulating,

thought-provoking and mind-expanding with unique, complex aromatic profiles and crunchy textures engendering vibrant sensations.



GREEK WINES ASIA serves as a liaison between select Greek wineries and fine wine merchants whose interests we fully represent as we maintain a constant presence in the Greek wine market in their behalf.  We make choices according to the eclectic needs of our clients, which we expertly fulfill.  We are creative and enterprising regarding local or international marketing and promotional strategies, including full Greek wine experiences through visits to Greek wineries and wine tastings for our wine-geek clients.


Our team members supplement their expertise and drive with solid bonds of trust and respect between them and charismatic Greek producers.  We travel to embrace and share ideas, to taste remarkable wines and to grow in our knowledge and appreciation of the art of wine- making.


Above all, we are committed to working with genuinely benevolent and ethical human beings, who are concerned for others, the environment, and the footprint they leave as they pursue fulfilling and productive lives.

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