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Wines In Greece

Even though wine making had been deeply rooted in ancient Greek life, nowadays it seems to be as newly discovered as an ancient treasure that had been quietly and well resided in the warm, hospitable grounds of Greece.

A day in the vineyards 🍇🍇🍇 #winetrip

Grapes, archaic seeds  and varieties are getting rediscovered and brought to life. Myths, origins and ancient traditions of wine making are revived by the indigenous, uneasy young generation ….images of their ancestors philosophising at the famed "symposiums," around carafes full of wine, where thoughts and wines generously flow resuscitate...Aristotle and Plato very often refer to this image in their dialogues such as Plato's  Symposium. They not only drink to praise their Gods, but to expand their minds as well …


The importance of wine and their procedure of making had always been a very strong element in the ancient Greek culture, the foundation of the western civilization itself. Greeks treasured wine and traded it as a valuable commercial product throughout the then known ancient world. Gold and silver goblets, amphoras...the cup of Nestor (include photo)...all elements of proofing, dug out in Mycenae, Pylos, Creta’s Knossos, where the art of winemaking is believed to have begun from and expanded to all over greece. And Homer...Homer often praises wine in his Iliad...he even calls Aegean the "wine dark sea"...

Vine Leaves

A primarily vine-growing country, Greece even since prehistoric times, has made a long journey to become the contemporary wine-making country which is today, not just by modernizing the cultivation and wine-making process, but also by reviving and saving indigenous varieties, whilst managing to keep the characteristics of highest quality and exquisite potential.


Greece has a unique and diverse climate. Terroirs in Greece, apart from the famous sunkissed and surrounded by the Mediterranean waters insulars ones, include the charismatic mountainous areas, close or further away from the sea, that provide unique microclimate conditions.


So what more inspirational than these unexplored treasures of the Grecian lands could be for us to get us started in the wine world! Our passion added, we traveled and met winemakers from north to south, from mountains to the seas, to embrace and share ideas, to taste and appreciate the highest of the qualities of their wines. Eventually, our selections embodied wines that were unexpected, idiosyncratic, thought provoking and mind-expanding, of unique and complex aromatic profiles, crunchy textures, and vibrant sensations.


At last but not least, our commitment to working with genuinely kind and ethical human beings, who are concerned for others, the environment and the footprint they leave behind, became another equally important frontier of our mission.

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